Brigitte Grausam-Tynan
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This website displays the Art, including Artistic and cultural documentation prepared by Brigitte Grausam-Tynan and Gareth Tynan.

The purpose of this website is to show artistic work and to function as an online index to enable documented artists and performers to locate our depiction of their work as covered during performances and events.

We have no automatic data collection on these web pages and only a minimum of data is collected in order to identify the artistic performance or provide a description of the depicted subject. Please note that the names of artists, models and performance as depicted are not necessarily true names.

Incorporated on this site are event calenders and links and references to other web pages. The data as depicted on this site has been collected from multiple sources and has no guarantee for accuracy or completeness. With reference the event calender please check details on dates and times with the original site, band, or promoter.

We cannot accept or bear any responsibility for the content of any of the pages linked to or from this site.
Please be so kind and notify us if you find incorrect or inacurate data on this site, that we may improve the site content.